Club records

These are the Erewash Valley Running club records & rankings.

Club Rankings 

These are the all-time great performances that have been run in a EVRC vest across the statutory distances (see the Fell or League pages for other performances). If your time is missing or you spot an error let us know via the contact us link. 

1 Mile


5 Mile

10 km

10 Mile

1/2 Marathon

20 Mile



Club Records

These people are the club legends. They should be offered the best seat in HQ and the peg under the heater in the changing rooms.



1 Mile 5KM  5 Miles 10 Kilometers
Overall00:06:28Rachel McLardie Overall00:19:55Jamie Whittaker Overall00:32:09Glenys Disney Overall00:40:20Wendy Ray
FSNR00:06:32Danielle Watson FV3500:19:55Jamie Whittaker FSNR00:34:00Helen Watson FSNR00:40:20Wendy Ray
FV3500:06:28Rachel Hustwayte FV4000:21:48Julie Belshaw FV3500:32:22Jamie Whittaker FV3500:40:51Glenys Disney
FV4000:06:24Helen stout FV4500:24:14Liz Bridgen FV4000:32:09Glenys Disney FV4000:40:38Glenys Disney
FV4500:07:24Liz Bridgen FV5000:27:17Karen Hodgson FV4500:33:01Helen stout FV4500:52:08Carol Watson
FV5500:07:41Caroline Wickham FV5500:26:37Caroline Wickham FV5000:39:37Anne Brownhill FV5000:48:50Anne Brownhill
    FV6000:29:56Sue Baker FV5500:40:01Caroline Wickham FV5500:50:46Caroline Wickham
    FV6500:28:56Anne Brownhill FV6000:44:48Sue Baker FV6000:59:20Sue Baker
    FV7000:29:05Anne Brownhill FV6500:47:16Sue Baker    
10 Miles Half Marathon 20 Mile Marathon
Overall01:05:59Sue Chapman Overall01:27:33Glenys Disney Overall02:26:30Glenys Disney Overall03:06:05Glenys Disney
FSNR01:05:59Sue Chapman FSNR01:28:00Kay Hemmings FSNR02:46:28Laura Hatswell FSNR03:17:10Kay Hemmings
FV3501:14:39Glenys Disney FV3501:31:12Jamie Whittaker FV3502:26:30Glenys Disney FV3503:36:41Helen Watson
FV4001:08:08Glenys Disney FV4001:27:33Glenys Disney FV4003:17:05Daniella Wood FV4003:06:05Glenys Disney
FV4501:12:29Glenys Disney FV4501:33:17Glenys Disney FV4502:54:56Anne Brownhill FV4503:15:32Glenys Disney
FV5001:21:42Anne Brownhill FV5001:49:00Anne Brownhill FV5002:58:00Anne Brownhill FV5004:04:44Anne Brownhill
FV6001:45:46Anne Brownhill FV5501:57:52Anne Brownhill FV5503:04:00Anne Brownhill FV5504:05:44Anne Brownhill
    FV6002:17:45Sue Baker     FV60#N/A#N/A
    FV6502:15:04Sue Baker     FV6506:50:48Sue Baker
            FV7006:50:49Anne Brownhill
1 Mile 5KM  5 Miles 10 Kilometers
Overall00:05:06Tom Stokes Overall00:16:12John Wadelin Overall00:25:28Dave Foster Overall00:31:52Dave Foster
MSNR00:05:06Tom Stokes MSNR00:16:12John Wadelin MSNR00:25:28Dave Foster MSNR00:31:52Dave Foster
MV4000:05:26Richard Hyde MV4000:17:13Tom Stokes MV4000:25:58Dave Foster MV4000:32:47Dave Foster
MV4500:05:22Andrew Glen Watson mv4500:17:56Andrew Glen Watson MV4500:27:31Andy Watson SNR MV4500:34:23Andy Watson SNR
MV5000:05:27Nick Lander MV5000:18:36Richard Hyde MV5000:28:17Andy Watson SNR MV5000:35:08Andy Watson SNR
MV5500:06:08Nick Lander MV5500:20:52Colin Lewis MV5500:31:46Brian Goodall MV5500:43:44Brian Goodall
MV6000:06:16Colin Lewis MV6000:20:36Colin Lewis MV6000:34:23Colin Lewis MV6000:42:27Colin Lewis
MV65#N/A#N/A MV7000:23:37Stuart Whittaker MV6500:36:24Jim Robinson MV7000:50:08Stuart Whittaker
MV7000:00:00Stuart Whittaker MV7500:29:35George Brownhill MV7000:36:57Stuart Whittaker MV75#N/A#N/A
    MV8000:38:25Maurice Davey MV8001:03:34Maurice Davey    
10 Miles Half Marathon 20 Mile Marathon
Overall00:53:12Tim Mayfield Overall01:09:41Dave Foster Overall02:03:24Tom Stokes Overall02:36:58Lew Travers
MSNR00:53:12Tim Mayfield MSNR01:09:41Dave Foster MSNR02:03:24Tom Stokes MSNR02:36:58Lew Travers
MV4000:53:31Dave Foster MV4001:11:15Dave Foster MV4002:04:04Tom Stokes MV4002:46:50Dave Clifford
MV4500:57:47Andy Watson SNR MV4501:16:11Andy Watson SNR MV4502:22:54Stuart Whittaker MV4502:58:29Phil Pittson
MV5000:58:38Andy Watson SNR MV5001:18:27Andy Watson SNR MV5002:21:01Andy Watson SNR MV5003:08:21Andy Watson SNR
MV5501:15:00George Brownhill MV5501:26:02Brian Goodall MV5502:33:54Colin Lewis MV5503:22:27Colin Lewis
MV6001:15:19Brian Goodall MV6001:32:30Colin Lewis MV6002:30:10Colin Lewis MV6003:23:01Colin Lewis
MV6501:52:13George Brownhill MV6502:16:44Maurice Davey MV7003:09:24Stuart Whittaker MV65#N/A#N/A
 #N/A#N/A MV7001:53:48Stuart Whittaker  #N/A#N/A MV7006:12:04Stuart Whittaker