Cross Country Championship 2017/18


EVRC Cross-country Championships

For 2017/18, the competition will be based on three races from the East Midlands XC league plus your best scoring two races from the North Midlands XC League.

Five races to count.

Events for 2017/18

Sat 14th October 2017 - Marketon Park, Derby (North Mids)

Sat 11th November 2017 - Glebe Park, Corby (North Mids)

Sun 26th November 2017 – Holme Pierrepont  (East Mids)

Sat 2nd December 2017 – Shipley Park  (North Mids)

Sat 13 th  January 2018 – Wollaton Park  (North Mids)

Sun 28th January 2018 – Colwick Woods (East Mids)

Sun 18th February 2018 – Trent Meadows (East Mids)

Our own xc race at Bramcote Park is not used as it makes it difficult to get volunteers for marshalling etc.


Rules for 2017/18

  1. Finishers will score 3 points plus 1 point for every Erewash runner in your division that you beat.
  1. If there are more than 12 runners in your competition, the competion will be split into two divisions by age.  Each division will score points independently.
    The split will be at the median age or median age plus 1 runner if there are an odd number of runners.
  1. The divisional split will be recalculated after each race to allow for the age spread of runners competing so far.  This means that some runners could move between younger and older divisions during the course of the competition.
  1. Where two runners have the same points score the older runner will have the higher position in the table.

Competitors must be paid up members of EVRC and must wear Erewash colours.

A photo finish for the younger men means the, not quite so young, John just takes gold ahead of Tom.

Colin romps home for the older men with Paul narrowly taking second place ahead of Steve.

A smaller number of ladies taking part this year means that there is only one division.  Jamie wins from Lauren.

2017/18 Table

 PositionTotalHolme PierrepontColwick WoodsTrent MeadowsEMMarketon Park NMGlebe Park, CorbyShipley Park NMWollaton Park NMNM
**********************  Pos.PointsPos.PointsPos.PointsPointsPos.PointsPos.PointsPos.PointsPos.PointsPoints
Younger Division                  
John Wadelin12918383420  14  259
Tom Stokes229271101623      166
Andy Watson3213647  13    14348
Craig Trembirth415  56439132323436
Matty Brennan514  292514        0
Gary Newham694574  9        0
Phil Shearing75  65  5        0
Patrick Murdoch8474    4        0
Patrick Noonan9393    3        0
Peter Starr103  113  3        0
Older Division                  
Colin Lewis12658  55132535385513
Paul Boothroyd22086  64103444566410
Steve Wickham3206796  13    47  7
Neil Roberts410123  736    74  4
Stuart Whittaker59105124  9        0
Dennis Parker67114133  7        0
Ian MacNamee77  87  7        0
Kevin Roughton86      0435383736
Nick Lander95      0    65  5
Julian Brealey105  105  5        0
 PositionTotalHolme PierrepontColwick WoodsTrent MeadowsEMMarketon Park NMGlebe Park, CorbyShipley Park NMWollaton Park NMNM
Younger Division                  
Jamie Whittaker1421111919291413181513
Lauren Bjorn23239282825    27  7
Sarah Halford32548554619    36  6
Caroline Wickham42375465516    54337
Frances Wadelin51957  3714    45  5
Sue Baker61766376417        0
Louise Marsden710210    10        0
Karen Hodgson899373  6    63  3
Nichola Photiou97  64737        0
Helen Fensome10484    4        0
Danielle Watson114      0      244
Rachel Lee123      023      3
Older Division                  
  0      0         
  0      0         


 Roll of honour - Previous Winners

 Younger DivisionOlder DivisionYounger DivisionOlder Division
2016/17Tom StokesColin LewisRachel HustwayteCaroline Wickham
2015/16John WadelinBrian GoodallRachel Hustwayte 
2014/15John WadelinRichard HydeRachel Hustwayte 
2013/14Brett BelshawRichard HydeJulie Belshaw 
2012/13John WadelinStuart WhittakerJulie Belshaw 
2011/12Matty BrennanSteve WickhamCaroline Wickham 
2010/11Matty BrennanSteve WickhamMelanie Brennan 
2009/10Tom StokesRichard HydeCaroline Wickham 
2008/09Craig TrembirthSteve WickhamCaroline Wickham 
2007/08Gary TudburyBrian GoodallCaroline Wickham 
2006/07Richard HydeJim RobinsonGlennys Watson 
2005/06Richard DarlingBrian GoodallGlennys Watson 
2004/05Richard DarlingGez MillsGlennys Watson 
2003/04Gary TudburyBrian GoodallHelen Weston 
2002/03Gary TudburyAdrian KeenGlennys WatsonJudy Pittson
2001/02Adrian Keen Glennys Watson