Erewash Running Incentive Championship


E.R.I.C. is a trophy awarded annually to the person accumulating the most points. The purpose is to reward an EVRC member who has clocked up a combination of personal running achievements and positive contributions to the club e.g. racing in an EVRC shirt, setting new PB’s, organising a club night out, marshalling at an event, competing in the leagues or an internal EVRC championship event. People can earn points for anything, we just need to know about it. 

The competition will start and finish on 1st January each year.

E.R.I.C. will be presented to the winner at the Presentation/Buffet Evening.

The winner will hold the trophy for a year.

No points are awarded for races which clash with "your club needs you" races (e.g. leagues)

The Points


1 point per mile raced as an EVRC runner.

15 points for breaking an existing PB at an EVRC statuary distance (1mie, 5k, 5mile, 10k, 10mile, ½ marathon, 20mile, Marathon). Previous PB must be on record.

7 points for 1st place (age group and/or overall)

5 points for 2nd place (age group and/or overall)

3 points for 3rd place (age group and/or overall)

50 points for breaking an existing overall club record, 25 points for an age group record, 15 points for setting a vacant record.

Fell and non EVRC statuary distance races.

As above +

15 points for breaking an existing Personal Course Record. Previous result must be on record. EVRC Fell records began Dec 2014. To claim points prior to that date you’ll need to submit your previous result (just send a link via the contact us on the website).

League (Summer & XC)

10 points per league race completed (in addition to point per mile rule).

7 points for 1st (age group and/or overall)

5 points for 2nd (age group and/or overall)

3 points for 3rd (age group and/or overall)

EVRC Championship races: Pairs, handicap, Fell  and “other”.

10 points per race completed (in addition to point per mile rule).

7 points for 1st

5 points for 2nd

3 points for 3rd


Marshalling at an EVRC event 15 points (e.g. bramcote xc, The Run)

Any other reason. E.g. Race organisation, organising club nights out, making post race cakes, playing taxi for races, recruiting new members, handing out EVRC flyers, coming out to support a race . Anything at all that in some way has made EVRC world a happier and better place.


Jamie has been an ever present in the XC leagues and shes got big points because of it..enough to hold off Mattys point bonanza from his 44m ultra and get a lead in the home straight to victory. She also broke the 10mile age group record in derby which scores big. There's December left to score so things can change and they usually do ...there's plenty of races for PBs, a club challenge event with the EVRC relays (27/12/17), club records up for grabs in the dream mile 31/12/17.

  Current Standings as at :04-Dec-17 
Previous positionRankNAMEPts.  Previous positionRankNAMEPts
11Jamie Whittaker591  4141Philip Thompson189
22Matty Brennan558  3342Matthew Needham182
53Colin Lewis485  3543Jane Harris182
44Sarah Halford467  3444Richard Kerry181
35Nicola Photiou452  4945Karen Hodgson181
66Tom Stokes431  4346Sarah Edwards169
107John Wadelin421  4447Bob Browne167
78Melanie Brennan402  4548Julian Brealey159
99Kevin Roughton400  4749Jim robinson148
1210Andrew Glen Watson394  5050Anne Brownhill142
1511Frances Wadelin391  5251Catherine Eden139
1612Peter Starr382  5452Laura Hatswell137
1113Philip Shearing365  5153Helen stout130
1414Peter Watson361  5354Andrew Brunjes128
815Richard Hustwayte358  6055Stephanie Kern121
1916Steve Wickham353  5756Lauren Bjorn119
1317Claire Harrison341  6757Dennis Parker106
2318Caroline Wickham319  5658George Brownhill105
2019Helen Fensome313  5559Richard Hyde102
1720Danielle Watson301  5860Liz Bridgen90
1821Kieran Davis292  5961Brian Goodall83
2422Stuart Whittaker287  6262Patrick Murdoch68
2623Neil Roberts286  6163Rachel Hustwayte67
2124Ian MacNamee276  6364Nigel Starr50
2225Neil Weightman257  6465Shirley Starr50
2526Lisa Rull254  6566Emma Clarke44
3227Paul Boothroyd231  7167Patrick Noonan42
2728Daniella Wood229  6668Wayne Collings41
3029Craig Trembirth226  6869Andrew Kenyon36
3130Gary Newham207  6970Amie Batchelor-Watkins35
4831Rachel Lee197  7071Matt Calladine33
2832Daniel Speed196  #N/A72Nick Lander28
4633Louise Marson196  7273Steve Bond26
2934Anna Gee196  7374Dave Pearson17
4235Sue Baker192  7475Helen Lowe-Geary16

Roll of honour - previous winners



2016Colin Lewis Final Table
2015Andy Watson
2014Andy Watson
2013John Wadelin


Kevin Roughton


Matty Brennan


Matty Brennan


Richard Hyde


Nigel Starr


Nick Lander


Nick Lander


Gez Mills


Sue Trembirth