EVRC Dubious Course Panel. EDCP

The EVRC Dubious Course Panel exists to attempt to keep all records and leagues fair. All road race courses are different, some are quicker than others. This is expected. However the conditions of a route should exist in multiple standard races, where distance can be trusted and specific geographic requirements are not required.

To be excluded from the Road EVRC records normally all these criteria are met.


  • Over 40% of the top 20 get a PB. Perfectly feasible but flags a potential short course or unfairly favourable course.
  • No race Licence (UKA or ARC). Virtually all road races are now run under licence. However a long established race with multiple results will clearly show a fair or bad route so not a requirement just an indicator e.g estabilished parkruns can be trusted to be 5k.
  • No course measurement certificate suggesting no accurate measurement http://coursemeasurement.org.uk/director.htm (trail / multi terrain races can have a licence without a measurement certificate and can be Near As Dammit, so can count for records)
  • Over 80% of the quickest 20 runners GPS tracks show as under distance. GPS does have an error rate and doesn’t like big bends, trees, buildings etc however the errors should balance out in under, on or over distances. All courses should be measured slightly over to ensure accuracy so when the vast majority of GPS measure short it suggests the course is short. Obvious issues would be long tunnels or large areas of cover which would negate all GPS. In these cases GPS tracks are discarded.
  • GPS tracks does not match course certificate map. The most common error post measurement is simply not recreating the route on the day. Its very easy to follow the GPS along the paths and see early turns, incorrect start / finish place.
  • Large net descent over a prolonged portion of a point to point route. Common sense to be applied ie is there a clear and significant advantage to be had on a specific course which cant be had in similar races (lots of races can be flat with limited bends, not so many can give you 6m of downhill in a 10k race). We’re not the IAAF who use 1m/km, or a definitive scale..bit excessive.


Tissington Trail ½

For inclusion: Run Britain has recorded it as an official course. It has a UKA licence. The course measurement is accurate to NAD standard (no measurement certificate referenced or available but multiple GPS measure on or over distance).

Against: Out of the top 20 finishers there were 15 (big) PB’s, 2SB’s, 1 no previous time and the other 2 runners who hadn’t run a half for a few yrs. Power of Ten does not recognise it as a PB course. There is no course measurement certificate. It was point to point on a long net downhill, there are no other comparable races.

Conclusion: Records have to be as comparable as possible. Should a record be set at Tissington it should be possible to challenge that time without relying on racing at Tissington. Looking at peoples results the route can be assumed to be worth 1minute probably considerably more vs a flat half marathon. A record set at Tissington would take a considerably quicker runner to beat it if not at Tissington.

Great Northern 10k and Half 2018

For 10k

51 GPS tracks checked

5 showed 6.2

6 showed over distance

40 showed 6.1 or below


For ½

10 GPS checked

9 short

1 on distance


UKA licence is multi terrain.

Not on Power of ten.

The course measurement certificate has the start in a different place. About ~200m away, which maps to the GPS measurements. http://coursemeasurement.org.uk/countylist.php?target=derbys

View in Streetmap: 430800335900

Where the course OS start should be which is the street below where the race started

Vs the actaul start was the next street up



Result not 10k. Not a Half.


Previous dubious route findings include:


Loughborough ½ 2014 . Short

Derby 10k 2016 . Short

Trent 5 2016. Short

Clough Taylor 10k 2017. Short

East Midlands Airport 10k 2016. Short

Liverpool Rock n Roll 5k 2017. Short

HPGP 5k 2014 2015 2016 2017 Short

Tissington Trail 2017 Downhill

Manchester Marathon 2013,2014,2015 Short

Trafford 10k <2017 Short.