London Marathon Draw 2017

We have 1 place to issue for the London Marathon 2018. We're doing the draw Wednesday 20/12/17 after the christamas lights run and fuddle. The criteria for the draw are below. If nobody fits the below criteria we'll just have a drinking competition instead.

London Marathon Criteria.

1.Member must be in 2nd year of membership (Greater than 12months since joining)

2.Membership must be active on the night of the draw (paid).

3.Member must have submitted their London entry rejection notification* into the draw on or before draw night (*rejection email, confirmation of ballot entry, anything that shows you entered the London Ballot for 2018 and have not gone all grabby and fancy snaffling the entry because its there will suffice)

4.Member must be a first claim runner to Erewash Valley.

5.Member must have taken part in at least 5 qualifying events representing Erewash Valley Running Club during 2017.Not all have to be running events as long as they are supporting the Club. Qualifying races are: East Midlands Cross Country Races, North Midlands Cross Country Races, The Run, Notts AAA’s Summer League Races and all fell running championship races. Marshalling or collecting results at any of these races counts as well as running.

6.Winners will not be eligible to enter the draw again for 5 years. However, if the Club entry allocation is not taken, then it will be open to all members with London Marathon rejection notifications* providing they meet the other criteria points.