Summer/XC league scores

Notts AAA Summer League

DateLocationRouteSat Nav/directionsRecovery PubNotes
19/04/2017Hexgreave Hall 8LS Post Farm final 2miles is on light trail that can get muddy if there's been rain i.e trail shoes are an advantage IF its been raining.
10/05/2017Holme pierrepont Water Sports Centre, Adbolton Ln, Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham NG12 2LUThe Embankment’s a measured 5m around the lake and lane so will count as a 5mile PB
21/06/2017NewarkNew.Flowserve Sports & Social Club Hawton Lane Balderton near Newark NG24 3BUTBCnarrow or very narrow ... out and back ... dead flat & almost dead straight.
12/07/2017Worksop College, Sparken Hill, Worksop S80 3APTBCQuiet lanes and decent quality paths. Its gently undualting with a fast opening few miles as that’s the downhill
02/08/2017Teversal visitor centre, Carnarvon St, Teversal, Sutton-in-Ashfield NG17 3HJOn site club house for presentations Best described as draining…. The route uses the teversal trail and a few lanes which all seem to be slightly uphill

Rules & Info.

Entry is covered by Club Membership but club vests must be worn.

All the races are organised by our fellow running clubs and Notts AAA. They’re by far superior to any other commercial road races on offer and it’s important we support them as much as possible.

All distances range between 5m-6m (Men and Ladies run together). The 5mile at HP is measured and counts as a PB the rest are all about the racing.


The Men and Women’s races shall be scored separately; veteran runners will be scored within their own race.

A Senior Men’s Team shall consist of 6 members

A Veteran Men’s Team shall consist of 4 members

A Senior Women’s Team shall consist of 3 members

A Veteran Women’s Team shall consist of 3 members

Team Scoring

In any said CATEGORY THE LOWEST SCORING RUNNERS for the club shall be the A team and subsequent scores the B, C teams etc.

Competitors may only compete for ONE club in the current years series, but can continue competing as an individual.

A Team shall score only if all members of the Team complete the course.

If teams are level on points after the 5 races in the series, then the overall result will be decided by the result of the final race.

Veterans may score for a Senior Team or a Veteran Team but not both in the same race. A runner may score for a Veteran team as soon as soon as they attain the relevant age after the series has started.

Scoring for a non-veteran Team will not invalidate Veteran Runners from the Individual Veteran Rankings, nor from qualification for Medals.

The wearing of HEADPHONES, PERSONAL STEREOS ETC will NOT be allowed.

Any athlete found wearing any of the above equipment will get 100 points added to their individual score and also 100 points added to his or her club’s team total for that particular race.

Current League Standings.Spreadsheet here

Senior Mens Teams Overall         Vet Mens Teams Overall        
 Club Points19/04/201710/05/201721/06/201712/07/201702/08/2017   Club Points19/04/201710/05/201721/06/201712/07/201702/08/2017 
1Holme PierrepontA24414797   244 1Sutton HarriersA19713067   197
2Rushcliffe ACA369214155   369 2Mansfield HarriersA301167134   301
3Long Eaton R CA457197260   457 3Beeston ACA377168209   377
4Notts A CA595450145   595 4Holme PierrepontA396216180   396
5Erewash ValleyA682288394   682 5Long Eaton RCA559265294   559
6Sutton HarriersA702233469   702 6Redhill R RA584260324   584
7Holme PierrepontB749417332   749 7Newark StridersA728272456   728
8Mansfield HarriersA872355517   872 8Holme PierrepontB879510369   879
9Redhill R R A907470437   907 9Beeston ACB1023565458   1023
10Beeston ACA940497443   940 10Kimberley & DistrictA1095449646   1095
11Worksop HarriersA984514470   984 11Southwell R CA1158471687   1158
12Newark ACA1103543560   1103 12Worksop HarriersA1183565618   1183
13Retford ACA1227578649   1227 13Erewash ValleyA1266542724   1266
14Formula OneA1276878398   1276 14Rushcliffe ACA1284658626   1284
15Holme PierrepontC1520801719   1520 15NotfastA1387805582   1387
16Redhill R R B1663822841   1663 16Holme PierrepontC1402761641   1402
17Southwell A19268581068   1926 17Notts ACA14711024447   1471
18Redhill R R C20471065982   2047 18Sutton HarriersB1528599929   1528
19Worksop HarriersB275410571697   2754 19Long Eaton RCB1536775761   1536
20Witham RunnersA291913791540   2919 20Newark StridersB1572673899   1572
21Mansfield HarriersB297114181553   2971 21Mansfield HarriersB1664756908   1664
22Redhill R R D331917901529   3319 22Beeston ACC16901094596   1690
23NotfastA372116192102   3721 23Holme PierrepontD1882994888   1882
           24Redhill R RB19001000900   1900
           25Rushcliffe ACB19279251002   1927
           26Long Eaton RCC20379341103   2037
           27Kimberley & DistrictB20639221141   2063
           28Erewash ValleyB20678391228   2067
           29NotfastB216910531116   2169
           30Newark StridersC21859291256   2185
           31Redhill R RC220911941015   2209
           32Holme PierrepontE221311601053   2213
           33Newark ACA233211401192   2332
           34NotfastC237311271246   2373
           35Southwell R CB24579641493   2457
           36NotfastD261712871330   2617
           37Kimberley & DistrictC266312291434   2663
           38NotfastE283413781456   2834
           39Kimberley & DistrictD297313691604   2973
Senior Womens Teams Overall        Vet Womens Teams Overall        
 Club Points19/04/201710/05/201721/06/201712/07/201702/08/2017   Club Points19/04/201710/05/201721/06/201712/07/201602/08/2017 
1Notts A CA271017   27 1Notts A CA1129517   112
2Holme PierrepontA1116051   111 2Holme PierrepontA1227646   122
3Erewash ValleyA1176156   117 3Beeston ACA1486286   148
4Long Eaton RCA1345282   134 4Mansfield HarriersA18180101   181
5Rushcliffe ACA1486286   148 5Redhill R RA18884104   188
6Sutton HarriersA22232190   222 6SouthwellA255121134   255
7Holme PierrepontB240102138   240 7Holme PierrepontB270152118   270
8Redhill R RA322128194   322 8Notts A CB28420579   284
9Formula OneA352170182   352 9Worksop HarriersA348195153   348
10Beeston A CA356152204   356 10Erewash ValleyA385215170   385
11SouthwellA370168202   370 11Holme PierrepontC466271195   466
12Mansfield HarriersA409130279   409 12Kimberley & DistA491233258   491
13Holme PierrepontC474181293   474 13Redhill R RB492233259   492
14Beeston A CB519256263   519 14Notts A CC510350160   510
15Worksop HarriersA522291231   522 15NotfastA514322192   514
16Formula OneB563290273   563 16Newark StridersA625252373   625
17Holme PierrepontD685324361   685 17Mansfield HarriersB670317353   670
18Retford A CA791427364   791 18SouthwellB670345325   670
19Witham RunnersA799405394   799 19Erewash ValleyB719431288   719
20Notts Women RunnersA809385424   809 20NotfastB774341433   774
21Redhill R RB840461379   840 21Woodthorpe Huffers & PuffersA775411364   775
22Worksop HarriersB870364506   870 22Long Eaton RCA845309536   845
23Mansfield HarriersB879427452   879 23Worksop HarriersB876515361   876
24NotfastA903446457   903 24Newark StridersB885402483   885
25Witham RunnersB1007506501   1007 25Kimberley & DistB889382507   889
26Woodthorpe Huffers & PuffersA1083533550   1083 26Holme PierrepontD901457444   901
27Notts Women RunnersB1112615497   1112 27NotfastC1084544540   1084
28Redhill R RC1308685623   1308 28Redhill R RC1112508604   1112
29NotfastB1348627721   1348 29Woodthorpe Huffers & PuffersB1217590627   1217
           30NotfastD1218598620   1218
           31NotfastE1275627648   1275
           32Newark StridersC1278624654   1278
           33NotfastF1307639668   1307
           34Kimberley & DistC1340632708   1340
           35Woodthorpe Huffers & PuffersC1347644703   1347
           36NotfastG1416705711   1416
           37Woodthorpe Huffers & PuffersD1425702723   1425
           38Notfast1471722749   1471

East Midlands XC League

​Full individual scores for each round are here 

Full team scores including A,B teams etc are here 

Postion Score Finishing postion

2016 -2017

Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Total 
LADIES SENIOR6766254th (from 13)
LADIES VETS10446307th (from 11)
MENS SENIOR3134112nd (from 15)
MENS VETS6684246th (from 12)

DateLocationRoute Map and profile

2015-2016 XC page and individual spreadsheet

 Postion Score Finishing postion

2015 -2016

Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Total 
LADIES SENIOR6677265th (from 10)
LADIES VETS6442162nd (from 8)
MENS SENIOR2143102nd (from 11)


Notts AAA Summer League

Archive can be found can be found here



Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5TotalFinishing Position
LADIES SENIOR310286230301277140412 from 14
LADIES VETS14926139814212410759 from 17
MENS SENIOR24819625421222411344 from 16
MENS VETS53846063050946526027 from 14



Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5TotalFinishing Position
LADIES SENIOR1931911551702369458 from 11
LADIES VETS388331338304236159713 from 14
MENS SENIOR20722819721921510662 from 16
MENS VETS62677649844837627248 from 13


Postion Score Finishing postion

2015 -2016

Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Total 
LADIES SENIOR6677265th (from 10)
LADIES VETS6442162nd (from 8)
MENS SENIOR2143102nd (from 11)