Sundays gentle jog round a park, 2017 lifes winners, 2018 insights

We’re well into 2018 now and the 2017 Season was officially closed off at our rather excellent prize party evening. Congratulations to all our winners from the 2017 running champs and our 1st ever bake off champs (think that’ll be returning next year). If you weren’t around on the evening to collect your trophy / medal we’ll have them with us at the XC on Sunday.

The Cross Country on Sunday (28th Jan) starts at 11:00. The address for your Sat Nav is Greenwood Rd, Nottingham, NG3 7EB which gets you to the road where you park. Its Round 3 (from 4) of the East Mids League and is traditionally where everybody goes missing because they’re scared of a little lumpy bumpy wumpy pootle. Wuss’s. EVRC have mud flowing through our veins! We live for the hills! Uh raaaaaah! As ever just show up in your EVRC vest (and as ever there’s a couple of spare loaners). The team tent and flag will be erect and proud so just head towards that. Its quite likely to be a bit swampy in places so spikes or fell shoes are recommended.

The 2017 Roundup

ERIC (Erewash Running Incentive Championship, run more, do more, get a prize. 1 winner).

1st. Jaime Whittaker

2nd Matty Brennan

3rd Colin Lewis


Road WAVA (old v young v male v female handicap system. Gold, Silver, Bronze).

1st John Wadelin

2nd Tom Stokes

3rd Andy Watson


Road Elite (fastest wins split by gender and age group)

Male Overall John Wadelin

Female Overall Jaime Whittaker

Male Senior John Wadelin

Female Senior Jaime Whittaker

MV40 Andy Watson

FV40 Sarah Halford

MV50 Colin Lewis

FV50 Karen Hodgson


Fell (Handicap, head to head and head to head Ladies)

Overall and Handicap: Steve Wickham

Ladies Caroline Wickham


Cross country 2016-2017 (head to head split by age and gender)

Male Younger: Tom Stokes. Male Older Colin Lewis.

Female Younger Rachel Hustwayte. Female Older Caroline Wickham


PAIRS (1 winner from the summers challenge races)

Paul Boothroyd


Nothing to do with EVRC Challenge (beer-mile + challenge your constitution)

Pete Watson


Tony Trembirth (members vote for somebody that’s achieved something a little bit different/inspiring/impressive within the realms of EVRC)

Nicola Photiou


Committee Choice (voted for by the committee and awarded to a newer member of the club that’s brought something / achieved something for EVRC that deserves some recognition)

Jaime Whittaker


New for 2018?


The fell champs have been tweaked with the primary goal of getting as many people scoring as possible. It’s been lined up with the XC rules. There’s 7 fixtures and your best 4 will count. The fixture list is here. Note: if you want to get into the Fell relay team you need some A category races under your belt to qualify (the relays are looking like they’re in Grasmere). Wolf’s Pit is an A race (nowt scary just a bit steep in places).


1.         Hope Winter                   Sun 25/02                  BS    9.5k/451m

    (link is external)(link is external)

2.         Wolfs Pit                        Sun 18/03                   AS    9k/450m

   (link is external)(link is external)

3.         Peat Pits 2                     Sun 06/05                   BS    5.5k/106m

   (link is external)(link is external)

4.         Castleton                       Fri 08/06                     BM 10.8k/458m

    (link is external)(link is external)

5.         Half tour of Bradwell      Sat 11/08                    BL    25k/970m

   (link is external)(link is external)

6.         Great Longstone           Fri 07/09                     BS   7.7k/290m

   (link is external)(link is external)

7.         Leg it round Lathkil       Sun 11/11                    BM    11.5k/290m

   (link is external)

Full rules are here


Only change will be 10mile and 1mile races will also score (best 3 scores from 1mile, 5k, 5mile, 10k, 10mile, ½ marathon, 20mile, marathon). We have Derby 10, Notts 10 and Burton 10 as local 10 milers.

Road Elite

No change.


New more exhaustive list of what scores points and some tweaks to amounts of points awarded. We’ve attempted to weight the scores heavily towards the EVRC champs races. Essentially you’re not going to win unless you play in the leagues or the fell champs. If you do both you’re going to be difficult to beat. The table of what points were scored by who and when will also be on display.


No Change

Cross Country

No change


FARTS on Solstice will be on club night Wednesday 28th March and we’ll be racing the sunset post the clocks moving. We’re calling it a half marathon and classing it as a race for the Elite champs and PB’s…though it’s a rather slow one and 13.5m. They’ll be some solstice POOPs (6m) and ARSE (10m) for those that don’t fancy a long one. The GPX file with the route is here or a Strava tracks is here

Nothing to do with EVRC “Challenge your constitution” will be back on Saturday July 7th. It’s a vertical beer mile. Pete has a big lead from the horizontal beer mile and requires crushing to prevent the series win for another year.

The National Fell relays will be happening. May be a mixed team, may be all gents, may be all girls…the most committed 6 EVRC Fell humans make up the team.

Monthly Track sessions are coming. We’re aiming to hold them every 4ish weeks at Rutland (Ilkeston track) on the Sundays which don’t clash with the big races. It will depend on track availability but hopefully it’ll be good for us to use in the mornings (if not it’ll be the measuring wheel + chalk combo at west park). First session is pencilled in Sunday 4th Feb, it’ll be finalised a few days before when we phone the track and make sure nobody’s booked it. Group sessions will be coverall general work outs to get the legs spinning and hopefully give you a poke to go out and do your own thing on the weeks in between. Of course if you want to do your own thing but with some company come along as well.

Away days. There’s going to be open invite glamorous destination races going on. In 2017 we had Ljubljana, Reykajvik and Skegafornia. In 2018 we currently have….Cork ½ or full marathon 3rd June. Flights from Birmingham. Saturday AM arrive for the expo, eat pasta and drink stout. Sunday AM is race time, Sunday afternoon is recovery party time. Essentially we all just agree to meet up for beers in a random city for a couple of days.

If anybody has any ideas feel free to throw them into the EVRC percolator to see what comes out brown.


See you Sunday for the best XC course in the world ever. John W