I'm no good at dancing, yet I have to do something: Summer League, Fell, EVRC Champs

We have a holy trinity of EVRC race experiences coming up…roads with Summer League, soil and hills with a Fell champs race and a sprinkling of accessible trail brutality with the PAIRS run. It’s not often you get the chance to experience so much EVRC lovin in such a short space of time.

Wednesday 25th April 19:15. Summer League R1 Hexgreave https://www.evrc.co.uk/content/summerxc-league-scores

Sunday 6th May. Peat Pit Woods Fell 

Wednesday 9th May 19:00. EVRC Pairs 

Wednesday 16th May 19:15. Summer League R2 Newark

Summer League (Wednesday 25/04): For the newer people; the Summer League is a series of 5 5mile mid-week races organised by and for the local run clubs. All the fees etc are covered by your membership and all you have to do is show up in your club vest and run (if you’ve not got a club vest yet, we always have on the night loaners..but they may be a little retro). The races are consistently some of the best races you’ll ever do and there’s cake.  The full rules and course info can be found here https://www.evrc.co.uk/content/summerxc-league-scores . Any questions just reply to this mail or ask on FB.

Last season our purple patch continued with team and individual medals. The Ladies team led the way with a final position of 3rd (1 point off second) and the boys were in the unpleasant 4th position. It was the most competitive it had ever been and the signs are its going to be tougher still this year. If we all come out to play we have a shot at the podium. If we have a couple of no shows we’re out of the running. If you have an individual CantBeArsed Wednesday it results in you letting the entire team down and we’ll wee in your beer and/or in your trainers. That does apply to everybody..the back pushes the front.

Peat Pit Woods Fell (Sunday 06/05): Its round 2 of the EVRC fell champs https://www.evrc.co.uk/content/fell-running-championship . There are 7 races left from 8. Your best 4 will count, so there’s plenty of diary wiggle room to collect points. If you’ve never done a fell race before this is the 1 for you. Its not very far away, 40mins drive from the club (The Bear Inn, Alderwasley, Derbyshire DE56 2RD). Its only  5k with 100 ish metres of ascent (less climb than our fields). The route is fully marked up and is more woodland trail than gnarly bleak fell. For the more experienced it’s a great race to get the legs spinning at some pace without having to stray to the roads or risk getting lost.

EVRC Pairs R1   (Wednesday 09/05): It’s a handicap race over our fields of 4-8miles depending on ability and directional sense. Quickest person is paired with the most velocity challenged person, 2nd quickest paired with 2nd not the quickest etc. 1 half of the pair runs in 1 direction with a baton, the other runs in the opposite direction. When you meet your other half you pass the baton you turn round and leg it back to base. All good fun and there’s a trophy up for grabs. Paul is the defending champion and is going for title no.3 which will take him 1 clear on the all-time list.

Other news

Couch to 5k is up and running. Kevin is doing an amazing job and thankyou to everybody that is helping out on club nights. It is very much appreciated and fingers crossed we’ll have some happy runners signing up to EVRC at the end of it all.

Sandiacre FC are having their annual fun run on Saturday May 19th. We’ve helped out over the last couple of years by pointing the children in vaguely the right direction over the fields. We could do with 10+ helpers to do the pointing. Its up and over our fields starting and finishing at the club house. You don’t have to stray very far from the clubhouse (it’s a 5mile loop so the furthest point is 2.5m away) ,very low effort and if you get your timing right you only have to hang round in position for 30mins to get the 1st and last person past your point. To date we’ve only lost a few of the children and none have damaged themselves so we’re on a good run. If you can help out please let Nicola know and she’ll give you the full details. Post fun run we’ll head off for our own little pootle.

There’s been a few acts of childbirth recently. It should be noted that all children born to active EVRC members are only permitted to run competitively for EVRC. Unless they’re rubbish. In which case they can run for anybody. This rule also applies to cake. If you produce cake, it belongs to EVRC, so make sure you bring it on club night. It’s the rules. Unless the cake has originated via the same method as the child producing. We don’t want that.

See you Wednesday (AT THE SUMMER LEAGUE) – John W.